Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Art, wisdom and enduring friendship: Jack Zajac, Don Weygandt and Doug McClellan

I'm posting this one especially for one reader, MGW. This is a photo of "Big Skull II", bronze, 29.5 in. high, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. And here is my story about an enduring artistic friendship that lasts to this day. I was glad to see that the Hirshhorn Tweeted (is that a verb?) a link to this story so I've got a lot of art fans reading this.

Couple of other things: thank you to Travis who rescued my five bucks off the ground at Shopper's Corner (and who somehow knew my name). Also, a reader just sent me a movie about hiking the Continental Divide Trail! Looking forward to seeing it.


Annie said...

Hello, Hope all is well. My name is Annie & I will be implementing a book club at the Atherton Public Library in February. Our first book is your book the cactus eater. We would love it if you could volunteer your time to come down and chat with us at the library. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you for your time!

cactuseaters said...

hi Annie! First of all, congratulations on starting up a book club (I was in one recently and really loved it -- alas, it's harder for me to get up to SF these days because I'm living about 70 miles south) Also, I'm honored to hear that this is the kick-off book for your group. Please shoot me an email at dwhitescruz@yahoo.com when you get a chance