Saturday, January 01, 2011

36 Hours in Santa Cruz: Sunday New York Times

Here is my 36 Hours piece on Santa Cruz, with a special emphasis on my own "best kept secrets" -- not the kind of stuff you're likely to find in a guidebook somewhere. If you follow this itinerary, you will eat a lot but you will dance and hike off most of the calories.

This article made the Top 10 most emailed stories of the day. Thanks for sending this along.

photo by davidcmc58


Anonymous said...

Great article! I was pleased to learn about the newish Cooper Street restaurant (funny to have to read the NY Times to discover an eatery in my own hometown). It was so great to read about the true gems in Santa Cruz and not just abut typical Boardwalk fare.

cactuseaters said...

Thanks. I really like the idea of emphasizing those "deep cuts" that are hiding in plain sight but are remarkable in their own way, like the salsa dancing scene. (I wouldn't know about it unless a friend told me.) A lot of the article came from the fact that I've lived here on and off for almost 20 years now, but I was away long enough to see some interesting changes along the way.