Friday, May 29, 2009

Obese cat: challenges continue

I know this has nothing to do with hiking or my book (or anything that relates to your life in any way) but I'm growing frustrated with my enormously obese cat. For one thing, he is becoming disoriented and gets lost in my apartment -- and it only has three rooms. For another, he only eats certain kinds of cat food that disagree with him -- violently. And finally, he needs to be reminded to drink water because he forgets that he's thirsty. Time to try a new diet. And get a cat-training manual. (In the original version of this post, I said, "Time to get a dog,'' but I was only joking.)


Helene Wecker said...

Your obese cat should be introduced to our obese cat and our not-quite-obese-more-built-like-a-linebacker cat. They used to be even larger, but then we switched them to wet food from dry. They lost a few pounds, yet still retained monster-cat status.

Anonymous said...

thanks, Helene. Yes -it would be cool if they played together. Wondering if they both could fit into the same room!DW