Monday, May 11, 2009

Furry mysterious creature: a couple of big clues (updated, with alternate photo)

OK -- here are a few big clues to the identity of my Mystery Creature (pictured below in a previous entry.)

* I encountered this creature on an island in the Pacific Northwest
* It is a predator
* The creature is not native to the island; in other words, it is an "exotic" invasive species.

By the way, I got into a staring contest with this creature -- and won.


Anonymous said...

cat? feral cat?

Kimi said...


Anonymous said...

Is it a fox?

cactuseaters said...

Anonymous -- whoever you are, you have solved the mystery. It is indeed a fox, (introduced to San Juan Island, where I saw several of these creatures.) I will run the full picture later this week (as soon as I have access to the file) along with a blog update. Thanks for writing in.