Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anonymous wins big; Silicon Valley resident identifies hairy mystery creature of the Pacific Northwest

No, it isn't Bigfoot, it is not a wolverine, a rabbit or even a cat (although these were all good guesses.) It is in fact a fox that was introduced to San Juan Island.
The person who solved the puzzle is "Anonymous,'' who, as it turns out, lives in the heart of the Silicon Valley, but was somehow able to solve the mystery (how on earth did you figure it out??) Anyhow, Anonymous has contacted me and will get a Cactus Eaters-related one-of-a-kind handmade prize (providing that she agrees not to sell the prize on eBay later on.) Above are two full pictures of the spooky, and now fully identified, critter (one is the actual photograph, and the other is an artistic recreation.)


Anonymous said...

Alas, it is probably because I am so literal; I saw blue, and immediately thought blue fox, remembering the silver-blue fox jacket my mother wore so many, many years ago. (The pointed ears helped, too.)

cactuseaters said...

Well, I am extremely impressed. It sounds like an old association paid off. In any case, the one-time-only prize is suitable for framing (although you will have to purchase the frame yourself. I'm not good at picking out frames.)