Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cat-induced blog hiatus

Sorry for my infrequent postings as of late. I have had some difficulty with WiFi access. Also, my humongous cat sat on my arm a while back, giving me tennis elbow, and making it somewhat difficult to type.


Dana said...

LOL sorry to laugh, it just sounded funny the way you wrote it! ;)
But really, tennis elbow isn't fun at all. I hear its very similar to carpal and quite painful and uncomfortable. I had a really sore wrist from too much typing at one point awhile back and thought maybe I was getting carpal or tennis elbow or something. Fortunately it was just temporary.
Hope yours is too!

You'd better convince your kitty to find a better place to sit/sleep or you may have to take an even longer writing hiatus! haha

cactuseaters said...

hi Dana -- no worries -- it is an absurd situation -- and my cat needs to lose some weight. He's on wet food right now, and that's supposed to help, but he's gulping it down so fast, it's hard to get a good sense of portion control.