Monday, October 13, 2008

World's youngest pot dealer?

As you already know, I always see a lot of strange goings-on in Golden Gate Park when I'm in training. I mentioned the young couple I saw last month, trying to light up an enormous spliff with a magnifying glass. Well, it happened again during a recent training loop through the park. It seemed like every person in all of the park's eastern side was trying to sell me something exotic -- "sticky green bud", ''skunk," "pre-rolled fatties,'' etc. These offers surprised me, because these are the kinds of products that you normally don't try to sell to someone who is running right past you at six miles per hour in marathon-training gear, and is obviously in the middle of a big, sweaty workout. Anyhow, I made my way up to the famous Hippie Hill, and there, at the very top, sat a little boy, about 25 feet from two people whom I assumed were his parents. He was probably five years old or so -- no older than six -- and had a peaceful demeanor. I said, "Hey, kid, how ya doing?'' and waved hello.

"Fat nuggs?'' he replied.

(I swear I'm not making this up, although, in retrospect, I have a very strong suspicion that he was just imitating what the people around him were saying, and was not actually a pot dealer!...)


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cactuseaters said...

thank you, but you should have seen what happened there yesterday. I was running through that park again, and a guy dressed as a jester was running right behind me, imitating the way that I was running, while waving a jester flag and crown in my face! Fisticuffs were narrowly avoided, but I might take an alternate route from now on.

Collin C. said...

SF sounds AWESOME!

cactuseaters said...

Well, I'll tell you one thing. In SF, you never know what is going to happen next. Just the other day, I saw a guy smoking his own thumbnail. And there was actual smoke coming out of his thumb. Seriously. I'm going to blog about that one soon.