Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The New York Times, The Castro, and other Cactus news

I have a few updates for this week:

Look for my article about wild Kentucky in the Escapes section of the New York Times this Friday. (I also have some cautionary words about trying to make your way through the steeply slanted Kentucky backwoods with no GPS!)

In other news, the second printing of the book is in stores this week. It is slightly different from the first version. For one thing, my Mother In Law is in this one. She did not appear anywhere in the previous version. Mea culpa.

And finally, I am very excited about doing a Cactus reading in San Francisco for the first time ever.

the event will take place at: Books Inc In The Castro
San Francisco, CA
(2275 Market Street)
7:30 pm, October 2 (Thursday)

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who showed up last night to the Steinbeck Center for my reading last night -- many SJSU undergrads, family, the new Steinbeck fellows Cora Stryker, Jasmin Darznik and Cristine Gonzalez, and a few of my students, too. It was a great time.


JD Grant said...

Just a couple of questions for you since you're a big author who actually responds to his blog, how awesome.

How much of a chance do you have to just sit down and read a book? What books have you enjoyed in the past and what are you reading now?

Good luck in the San Francisco reading this week.

cactuseaters said...

Let's see -- there are so many that I've loved this year. Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson. Pale Horse, Pale Rider by Katherine Anne Porter. I just finished Lush Life by Richard Price, which was fantastic. Right now I am reading The Dead Fish Museum by Charles D'Ambrosio.

Anonymous said...

Cute. Thanks for the publicity. MIL

JD Grant said...

Thanks for the advice, I picked up a copy of Tree of Smoke it looks good.

cactuseaters said...

To Anonymous (not to be confused with Anonymous MIL.) Thank you so much for the kind words and also for your suggestion, which shall be implemented -- but at this point it could take a few months.