Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hike Pine Mountain, Channel Daniel Boone (my adventures in wild Eastern Kentucky.)

Read all about my latest backpacking adventure in the New York Times.

I loved touring the Pine Mountain Trail and Whitesburg, one of the friendlist small cities I've ever seen. I call it the Santa Cruz of the Southeast. I had a great time talking to documentary film makers and broadcasters at the legendary Appalshop, and listening to its excellent old-time/bluegrass/Americana station -- WMMT --- as I explored the backroads from Glomar to Hazard. I also hiked to a waterfall, hung out at the general store where parts of "Coal Miner's Daughter'' were filmed, and talked to ecologists who are trying to fight off the deadly woolly adelgid, an aphid-like creature that is slaughtering the state's historic hemlocks.

To mark my emergence from the Pine Mountain backwoods, I bought two bottles of top-shelf bourbon in Lexington, Kentucky, and wrapped them very carefully in brown bags and newspapers to survive the long trip home. They made it to San Francisco all right --- but as it turns out, they sell both brands right here at the Bevmo on Geary!!

In other news, I want to thank the staff of the beautiful Livermore Public Library and the great crowd that turned out for my latest Cactus reading -- in spite of the fact that the Obama/McCain debates were going on at the exact same time. (Don't worry. The people in the audience said they were going to watch the whole thing later on Tivo.) Also, thanks to Tori at Firehouse Bistro and Books for her help setting this up. I also enjoyed talking to everyone at my reading in The Castro, including my youngest reader -- or at least the youngest one that I know about.

I will be doing more readings and events in the winter and spring, with two firmed-up dates in San Francisco and Sebastopol, and one in Santa Cruz.


Anonymous said...

Dan, Jared here I'm up in Girdwood Alaska and today I went on a 8 mile hike with my sister and her boyfriend. I talked up your book quite a bit and I'd love to come see you and Santa Cruz again. And here I am in a tiny town in Alaska at an October fest. Some random girl noticed I was wearing a Santa Cruz hoodie and stopped me. We chatted and I thought of you again. Small world man. I love it.... Hike (and Write) on! Jared

cactuseaters said...

hey Jared -- great to hear from you again. I'll be in Santa Cruz for an event in the early spring -(I'll post more information about that soon) Have a great time in Alaska. For some reason, that is one place that I've missed in all of my ramblings --- trying to get out there soon, dw

cactuseaters said...

by the way, thanks to all of you for suggesting alternate places for me to hike and explore, either for my freelancing or for personal enrichment. I will definitely take you up on some of these suggestions (I just hope there is lots of water...)