Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pacific Crest Trail/Pacific Coast Trail

I'm getting a lot of questions about the "Pacific Coast Trail'' and why the thing is so darned steep if it just follows the western coastline. Actually, there is no such thing as a "Pacific Coast Trail.'' (someone correct me if I'm wrong about this.) I think that people are mixing up two major trails --- the Pacific Crest Trail, which never comes close to a beach, and mostly stays up high on the mountainous spine of California, Oregon and Washington, and The California Coastal Trail, a network of public trails that spans the entire California coastline and is now about 50 percent finished. If you want climbs, views, bears, snakes and deserts, do the PCT. If you want beaches, shifting sands and crashing waves, walk the CCT.


Fran Gibson said...

Daniel -- you are absolutely right! There is no trail called the Pacific Coast Trail. The trail that runs down the 1200 mile coast of our state is called the California Coastal Trail and is the major guarantee to residents and visitors alike all of us can rightfully access our coast. Coastwalk is the only statewide volunteer organization committed to completing the CCT which now is about 65% complete. The CCT is being signed up and down the state from Oregon to Mexico. The CCT when complete will be one of the great long-distance state and national trails for generations to come to enjoy.

cactuseaters said...

I thank you for your excellent description of the CCT. On the good side, I think that clearing up the PCT/CCT confusion will create some great publicity for the CCT, which I would love to through-hike someday!!