Friday, June 20, 2008

Cactus Eaters: Number One travel book on Amazon. plus ...Capitola Book Cafe reading (and did I mention that Fogheads Rule?)

Last night's crowd was stupendous --- the group included family members, Santa Cruz friends and a former Santa Cruz Sentinel colleague, a high-school pal, members of my Santa Cruz writing group, a former student and many other folks that I'd never met before. A big bunch of people followed my sister and brother-in-law to an after-party at a funicular-accessible restaurant in Capitola By The Sea.

Also -- I am very grateful to this blog's readers for sending all your crazy adventure stories. Keep rolling them in. (and one last thing -- "Cactus'' was the number-one travel book on Amazon yesterday --- a shock to my system to say the least; thanks for passing this around and letting me know about your own explorations and adventures.)


Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed the book reading. I wish I could have videocorded it :) (my video camera was broken though unfortunately).

I hope you write many more.

You may say it was honorable for me to have been there, having caught an earlier flight when I found out you were doing this signing.

But the pleasure is all mine because you honored all writers, particularly reporters who are looking to make their writing live beyond the daily grind of newsprint, when you published this.

It's a huge honor to me that you wrote about something you are so passionate about.

It vindicated the feeling that seeing the old Santa Cruz Sentinel building now vacant brought just two hours before your reading. Because you, Dan, showed that our writing can live. It lives beyond just any old building or boss or company. Our writing lives if we let it, well beyond even ourselves.

Great to see an old friend again and keep me in touch as your writing career progresses. I'd love to read more of it.

Thanks again for teaching me everything I know about Santa Cruz.

Anna Maria Basquez
Your former colleague & friend

cactuseaters said...

Anna Maria --- thanks so much for that comment! you've made my day,


crankyeditor said...

hey dan. very sorry i missed the reading. have had it on the calendar for months. then the wrench ... my wife had our baby three months early! i now am thoroughly committed to a sweet but currrently tiny baby. i will consider the name daniella as penance for issing the reading. OK ... not really ... her name is linden. keep rocking the book tour.

cactuseaters said...

hello again, Crankyeditor -- and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That is fantastic news. By the way, Linden is a beautiful name.