Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My SF doppelganger

Apparently I bear a striking resemblance to another San Francisco-based author. Twice, I've gone into bookstores and have had employees launch into fandom freakouts --- "oh my goodness. How fantastic that you would just drop in on us out of the blue. Let me get the manager! Oh, this is such a privilege. Would you like a coffee or something?'' And then I've had to explain to them, sorry, I'm not that person, and then they slink off into various corners of the store. I'm thinking of shooting the guy an email to see if we can pose for a photo together. Then people will see that we don't look completely alike. Or maybe I'll just pretend to be him and try to steal his fans.


Joyous said...

wow, you completely amaze me & make me laugh! i love it! very nice meeting you & i've already finished the book, of course! ~ i couldn't put it down! thank you for being an inspiration to me & thank you for signing my book! i wish you so much luck & love on your book tour ~ and i hope many others can fall into it as much as i, a non-hiker, a non-that-kinda person... just a literary hopeful, hoping to one day be doing, as you are doing now.

~joyous~ the girl from warwick seattle!

cactuseaters said...

To Joy -- thanks for the kind words!! DW

cactuseaters said...
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cactuseaters said...

Oops -- I need to repost, but I also wanted to say thanks so much to everyone there for a great stay and for helping me to not get lost on the way to the reading!! (I actually had a Magellan Voice Nagivator in the car but turned it off because it weirded me out - -I didn't like knowing where I was all the time!!)