Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Capitola and KFOG

I'm very excited about this Thursday's reading in my former hometown. See information below. As I mentioned before, the Capitola Book Cafe is one of my favorite bookstores on the planet. It's well-lit and spacious, the staff is whip-smart, the coffee is good, and there's a silver-colored elephant sculpture on the wall. And, best of all -- it even has a movie marquee out front advertising the latest readings. I can't tell you how many pots of tea I've swilled there while working on an earlier version of this thing.
Just for the occasion, I have unearthed some scary artifacts, including a couple of Chewbacca-esque photos of myself from the Cascades section of the walk. I will also bring your choice of archival stamps --- horned lizard, Opuntia cactus, yucca and rattlesnake --- with a brand new "rainbow-colored bloodsucking arthropod'' stamp that I acquired just yesterday. Feel free to ask me any question you want. One question that I'm hearing a lot lately: "Why did you call the book The Cactus Eaters when only one of you actually eats a cactus, and, to get technical about it, you didn't actually eat the thing at all? You just chewed it for a short while and then you spat it out?'' Um. Good one ... I will attempt to answer tomorrow.

I am speaking at the Book Cafe on June 19, 2008
7:30 PM. It is located on 1475 41st Avenue, Capitola (in a shopping center just a few blocks off Highway One. Look for the bookstore with the movie marquee.)

also, if you happen to be in the southlands this afternoon, (June 18) I am doing a live radio interview on KKZZ-Am Radio, "Evie's Talk Show.'' 6:15 p.m., PST. (covering Ventura and surrounding communities)

And ----- if you're right here in SF tomorrow morning (june 19) I will do a live in-studio interview at 730 PST on KFOG F.M. I'm actually showing up to the studio for this one. I sure hope that the MUNI is running nice and early tomorrow. I'll bring my running shoes just in case.

And, finally --- I will be speaking in Berkeley on June 26, 2008
7:30 P.M.., at the beautiful Mrs. Dalloway bookstore, on
2904 College Avenue. (check this place out if you haven't seen it before; it's one of my very favorite new-ish bookstores in the area.)


Anonymous said...

Can you bring some of the crazy items you talked about in the book - that you acquired when living in Santa Cruz - all the cleansing stuff. I just wish you could bring the black cat. :) He could pay testament to the items you owned during that crazy time SC brings. Looking forward to it very much so.

Anna M. Basquez
Your Former Colleague in Santa Cruz

cactuseaters said...

hi Anna
My obese, not-very-energetic cat won't be able to make it down to Capitola (and I'm about to put him on a diet. It's about time. High protein and fewer carbs. He's looking like a bowling ball with hair at this point.) I will definitely bring some show-and-tell items. Alas, I don't have the cleansing materials because I threw so many of them away, but I will try to squeeze the backpack into my car (it might not fit.) I will definitely have some images from the trail, including a really frightening picture of me that must be seen to be believed. See you there!