Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This Saturday: Book Passage two-fer in Corte Madera

This Saturday (July 12) I will speak at Book Passage, at 51 Tamal Vista Boulevard in Corte Madera, California, at 4 p.m. Don't leave the premises afterwards, because Zoe Ferraris, author of the acclaimed "Finding Nouf,'' will be speaking there, on the very same day, at 7 p.m.!!


dbt1959 said...

Had not read a new book in an embarrasingly long period of time, been hung up re-reading Jim Harrison and Tom McGuane which are great at any age but resonate more and more as one races toward 50.
Picked up your book on a whim from Book Passage at the Ferry Plaza last night and climbed aboard the Larkspur 6:35. By the time the boat had turned around I was laughing hysterically and being eyed nervously by fellow passengers. I only put it down last night to play fetch with our cheery labrador. Great read, look forward to finishing tonight. May see you in Corte Madera with my backpacking buddy, 12 year old daughter Brigid.

cactuseaters said...

To DBT1959: Thanks for the kind words (and by the way, I've had that exact experience reading certain books on the subway when I used to live in NYC for a few years. I would have these very dramatic reactions to a book, and the other passengers would get visibly anxious.) If you go to Corte Madera, make sure to stop by and say hello. And bring your backpacking buddy with you. I will make sure to read something PG-rated for the occasion!