Monday, July 28, 2008

Chronicle bestseller list, plus upcoming radio show about food

"Cactus'' made the SF Chronicle bestseller list this week in the Bay Area paperbacks category.
Also --- I will be talking about dehydrated matzo balls and other unusual backpacking foods on KCRW's "Good Food'' program at 11 a.m. (western standard time) August 2. I will post the podcast link when it's up. If you have any unusual backpacking-food suggestions, shoot me an email; at some point I'd like to do a follow-up post about this subject.


Brian said...

Congrats Dan! That's great news about the bestseller list-- wow!

And yum re. the dehydrated matzo balls. just like mom used to make. haha.

cactuseaters said...

Thanks! -- and yes, it was exactly like Mama used to make -- if Mama had a futuristic matzo ball dehydrator in the kitchen. I must say, that particular meal was not my favorite Thanksgiving dinner in the outdoors. Bleccccchhh.