Monday, August 23, 2010

"We don't sell dank.'' (Reruns, part two.)

My eccentric neighborhood has some of the most unusual signs I've seen in a long while. Here is my latest sampling. The words are unchanged but the italics are all mine.

This is from two signs hanging up at the Daljeet's Boutique.

"No photos. No brats. No cellphones. no restroom so don't ask. No loitering. This is not the place to eat your pizza, tie your shoes, smoke whatever you smoke or hang out.''

Wow! Thanks, Daljeets, for making us all feel so cozy and welcome. And here's another one, from the Cannabis Company: "We don't see weed, bud, herb, dank, ganja, trees, or marijuana, and not even reefer. We don't know where you can get some. Thanks for reading, and welcome to the Cannabis Company.''

Well, that just about covers it, although they didn't mention green bud or fat nuggs. And here's one more sign, at Murio's Trophy Room. I'm wondering if an over-vigilant bartender put it up there:

"If you look under 125, be prepared to show I.D.''


catklein said...

I totally want to go into Daljeets with my camera, brat and cell phone while eating pizza. When I am done with my pizza, I will wipe my hands on one of their most expensive articles of clothing, tie my shoes, have a smoke (probably a clove since it smells extra strong) and just hang out.


cactuseaters said...

Mediocre merchandise delivered without a smile.

Maybe people go there just to get scowled at.

The Sonia Show said...

As someone who used to live in the Haight, I must say there are a lot of, ummm, characters in the area. Those business owners probably hung up those signs out of frustration, and as someone who lived there, I get it.

cactuseaters said...

hi Sonia -- you're right -- there are certainly lots of folks who make life hard for merchants, and that is an unfair situation. i think the sign rubbed me the wrong way because I've got a very sweet, intelligent and happy baby daughter who I once brought to the store and they really vibed us. So I thought the "brat'' part was kind of mean on their part