Friday, January 22, 2010

Disclaimer: 3D won't make you vomit

I'm in trouble (again) because someone read my recent Cactuseaters post and was scared to let her mom see "Avatar'' because she thinks the 3D sensation will make her mom seasick and nauseous. For the record, I did not feel dizzy or vomitous during the movie. It's worth mentioning, because I once saw a movie, "The Blair Witch Project,'' during which five people in the audience fled the theater to throw up. Seriously. I think it was the herky-jerky hand-held camera style that did it.


Anonymous said...

I did hear from someone who vomited and was nauseous for three days following the viewing of Avatar(I would have preferred if she had been dizzy because I had to look up the spelling of nauseous). She also felt like she was falling off a cliff during the movie.

cactuseaters said...

Wow -- how awful. Nauseous for three days!! Wondering if there are cures for this (i.e. taking Dramamine during the movie or before watching it.) I haven't thrown up during a movie ever, although I've fallen asleep during many of them.`