Friday, January 08, 2010

Cactus Eaters photographs (make your own special edition.)

Here are a few classic shots, straight from the vault. Now, before you email me saying "Why don't you have any pictures of (insert names here.)" I want to tell you that this is a work in progress. I still have to fish through a few more waterlogged boxes of PCT slides.

You can use these photos to make your own illustrated special edition. All you need is 1. three copies of the book, 2. an Exacto knife, 3. a color printer and 4. Elmer's glue. Good luck with this project, and if you go through with it, make sure to send me pictures of the completed book.

Spiky Joshua Trees beckon travelers in the Mojave desert.

Desert scene in early morning

Actual Golden Oak/cactus-bite diary entry

The expeditioners fighting suncups under Forester Pass.

Peaceful, alluring meadow under Mount Whatever.

Here are two of my photos of the late, great "Mayor'' Milt Kenney, who helped up to 60 Pacific Crest Trail hikers per season when they passed through Castella, California.

Cascades in northern Oregon.

Cascades, adrift in clouds and fog.

This picture corresponds (exactly) to page 320, paragraph two. I will post more photos when I have a spare moment.


52hikes said...

Thanks for posting the photographs. Can't wait to see the rest.

Anonymous said...

thank you, 52Hikes. This will take a while. I won't have access to a good scanner for a while. And then there is the matter of searching through those smelly old cardboard boxes.(cactuseaters)

PCT wanna-be said...

Pictures make it real for us visual types. Thanks for posting some, Dan. Now, in your book you made us come to love Allison in a way that a fine author can. One picture of Allison would be great, as you are swimming through the collection. What is she doing now?

cactuseaters said...

much appreciated. let me see what i can do (it's complicated)

Anonymous said...

I literally just finished Cactus Eaters. I am now devouring everything I can about the PCT. your book was a true inspiration for us "green horned PCT wanna-be's". I have so many questions for you about your journey. So many things seem missing out of your story. But alas, your story it is and awkwardly fulfilled I am (as I sit here teary eyed writing this filled with such positive awesome emotion). I lived my whole life in Nor-Cal (San Jose) and never heard a peep of this trail. Happen to catch the end of a documentary late one sleepless night about the PCT. I feel it deep in my soul. I must set foot on and hoard miles from her and earn a trail name.
You said it best here... "The trail it seemed, would be beautiful enough to fulfill my longing for escape and tough enough to meet the conditions of a test, AN OUTDOOR FINISHING SCHOOL FOR THE SOUL. SOON I COULD THINK OF LITTLE ELSE EXCEPT THE TRAIL." Thanks Dirty Dan! oh yeah, PICTURES... please!

cactuseaters said...

Dear Anonymous -- It was great to see this in my inbox today. You're right -- there's a lot left out. (The original book was roughly a thousand pages long.) Feel free to send any questions you have my way, either on or off-blog. I have some suggestions and can refer you to other folks, too. The main thing is that the PCT is very doable. And it's a life-changer -- a remarkable opportunity. When I was hiking it, at many times I stopped and thought to myself, "I can't believe such a thing exists -- a trail that lets you walk from Mexico to Canada, mostly in backcountry.'' Keep me posted on your plans,