Friday, September 18, 2009

Triumph and agony on the JMT

In case you missed this, the Chronicle ran an interesting story (reprinted in the Seattle PI) about the quest for speed on the mighty John Muir Trail. The author of the article is the Chronicle's Tom Stienstra, who has also written many good trail guides and walking books.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, I just finished Cactus Eater's and loved it. I've never hiked more than a few hours at a time but dream of what it would be like to do what you have done. I had never heard of the PCT until this summer when I hiked up Mt Judah and saw the markers and got curious about it. Even ran into some hikers coming up from Mexico. We are going back to Truckee, Ca next summer. I hope to meet some more PCT hikers, now I'll know what they are doing and how cool it is. I might even ask them their trail name! Thanks for a great read!
Evansville, IN

cactuseaters said...

hi Pam -- thanks, and I'm predicting that meeting those hikers will be the first step in taking a PCT adventure of your own. The more I started hearing about it, the more irresistible it became (and as I've found out, there are so many ways of 'doing' the trail; I know some folks in San Benito County who nibble away at it every year, hiking the trail a week or so at a time.)