Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cactus Eaters makes top 10 bestseller list, outsells Obama (details below)

Finally. At long last, the Cactus Eaters cracked the top 10 bestseller list.

Yes, it's true. More than a year after the tome was released to bookstores, it has reached the top of the heap.

For the past 13 months, it has outsold a popular book by Barack Obama and has even overtaken Olive Kitteridge.

At some point in this blog entry, I should probably point out that this bestseller list applies to one book store, called Cover to Cover, in Noe Valley, San Francisco.

But still, it's pretty cool. On a serious note -- if you're a first time author, it's always interesting to see the way books perform in various stores -- even within the same city. A lot of it depends on the bookseller's attitude toward the book and the way it's displayed (or whether there is a shelf talker.) In the case of Cover to Cover, the book store has been extremely supportive.


frank said...

It's doing well in Seattle, was well. I enjoyed the copy a friend gave me, at least. Well done - I'm inspired.

Chief Seattle

cactuseaters said...

Chief Seattle-- thanks-- and by the way I've visited Seattle about six times in the past couple of years. I think I'm hooked on that city. I spent a couple of days in Ballard (checking out the fish ladder) and in Fremont (taking pictures of the giant troll).