Friday, July 24, 2009

Run along with me (virtually) this Sunday in SF

Now here's an expiriment, and I'd like to know if this works. I've posted a link here that lets you plug in my name and see how I'm doing in the SF marathon, which begins for me on Sunday at 630 a.m. -- I'm in one of the 'slow waves.' I will have a GPS sticker thing on one of my shoes. Two of my friends will be meeting me with water, etc, at Golden Gate Park; this should give them a pretty good sense of when I'll be running through the GGP. Here, by the way, is the map of this crazy course. I'm a little edgy about that rather daunting-looking hill after we complete the Golden Gate Bridge.


christin said...

Congratulations Dan -- it looks like you made it!

-- Christin

cactuseaters said...

thanks for writing in. yes -- I made it -- and what a beautiful course. It was my slowest race ever!!!! Usually I hit the wall at mile 22 or so. This time, the entire race was the wall! Still, I had a really good time, except for that last mile, which was like swimming through molasses.