Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nature writing and hiking -- in San Francisco!

Following the success of my nature writing/hiking class down in the Pogonip Meadow, in Santa Cruz, I'm setting up a hiking/nature writing seminar up here in San Francisco. Contact me directly through this blog if you're interested, ( and we'll be in contact soon. Looking forward to reading and sharing your writing this summer.


Anonymous said...

Would love to participate if possible in the nature writing workshop, visiting California this summer; do you have a possible timeline as of yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous. I'm too lazy to sign into my own blog right now so I'm using the Anonymous tag (like you!) Shoot me an email offblog and I'll try to coordinate the schedule. I've received a half dozen queries so far -- and right now I'm thinking early August will be good for this. Also, I am probably going to scale back the actual hiking element of the hike. The Pogonip event was great but there were a couple of semi-gnarly hills that I had forgotten about. Talk soon, DanW