Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Through-hike the PMT

Considering that hiking season is just beginning, I just wanted to put in another plug for the PMT -- the Pine Mountain Trail, which took me through the wilds of Eastern Kentucky a few months back. Here's my story about my experience on the trail. This trail is magnificent (and, apparently, it is better marked these days.) If you have a chance to hike this thing, you should -- and afterwards, you should definitely stop over at Whitesburg, Kentucky. The people are very friendly out there (although I can't recommend the bourbon-flavored beer.)


Dana said...

I've heard of many unique kinds of flavours for beer like coffee, chocolate, even 'smoked' (which I recently had in Alaska, very unusual) but I've never heard of Bourbon beer...sounds dangerous! lol

cactuseaters said...

hi Dana! I certainly love beer, and my new friends in Kentucky introduced me to many bourbons I hadn't tried before, but beer and bourbon taste just plain weird together as far as I'm concerned. Serve me up a pint of ice-cold, frothy bourbon? Bleccch!!!