Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brave New Traveler Interview: "Dan White Eats Cactus And Loses His Mind.''

This just in, an interview with the writer Alexis Wolff, in Brave New Traveler magazine. And yes, the bearded scarecrow holding the knife in front of Mount Shasta is me. (That photo is living proof that you need to eat quite a lot of calories on the trail or you will look like a walking skeleton after a while. You can burn 6,000 calories a day out there. When I started out on the trail, I weighed around 200 pounds. When it was all over, I weighed about 160!!)

P.S. --- see entry below for reading/signing appearance list, updated today with a new SF appearance.


Anonymous said...

Just finished the book and greatly enjoyed it, especially since I have hiked some portions of Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia Parks (many years ago!).  However, I must say I was surprised not to see Allison in the acknowledgements.  Was the break up really that bad!?

cactuseaters said...

hi Anonymous
To answer your question -- that was not a deliberate slight on my part (don't believe everything you read in the blogosphere!!) but an oversight that shall be rectified in a forthcoming printing of the book. For the record, she was a terrific help, and was very generous about sharing journal entries, etc. In almost all cases, the incidents were even more ghastly than I remembered!! For example, she clarified the precise location where the nasty tick bit me in one scene of the book. Thanks for writing in, DW