Saturday, May 14, 2016

Announcing my brand-new website:

Dear Cactuseaters blog readers: I know some of you still check this! I just wanted to let you know that my brand-new interactive fully functional website launches on Monday. So from now on, all announcements, news, links, etc. So if you are looking for updates, news and links to writings, kindly turn your attention to

 I know I've been talking about getting an actual website for a long while and I've procrastinated for seven years and running. But now it's finally here and I think you'll agree it was worth the wait. The designer, Jason Liebman, did a marvelous job. The design elements for the site were directly inspired by David Shoemaker, who designed the cover for my new book, Under The Stars, which comes out on June 14.

The new site will also give you up-to-date announcements of readings and other events, and will soon include links to other writings.

And thank you all so much for writing in over the past few years. I really appreciate it. See you all in my brand-new site next week.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Unless something truly terrible happens to you when you go camping ...

... then surely you will look back on whatever happens to you and laugh about it long and hard. For instance, last weekend, when I went camping on Mother's Day, I set up an impermeable tarp beneath our tent, then a rainstorm came down, the water pooled in the tarp beneath our tent, and we all got flooded out! On the good side, this is one Mother's Day that I will not soon forget. It will be etched in my memory forever. That's one of the great things about sleeping under the stars. The memories remain in your head forever, and yet our recollections of discomfort and rushing around, bailing out our families and draping our rain-soaked undies on an oak bough to dry, tend to mellow out over time, like certain bottles of Bigfoot Barleywine. I look forward to getting out on the book trail, meeting you all, and hearing your camping highlights and horror stories. I think you all know by now that camping contains the full range of human experience, from ecstasy to confusion and chilblains.

Friday, April 22, 2016

My upcoming book, Under The Stars, featured in Publishers Weekly and Huffington Post

My latest news is that Publisher's Weekly ran a great review of Under The Stars that summed up the book far better than I could, being much too close to the material to sum it up in such an elegant way. And I just found out that the Huffington Post included Under The Stars in its list of six books that make Earth Day every day. And this just in: I found out that my Under The Stars book tour launch is going to take place at Bookshop Santa Cruz, right here in my hometown, on June 20. And please stay tuned for more updates. The official release date of the book is June 20. It will be available as a hardcover book (with my own illustrations) and also as an audiobook. It will, of course, also be available as an ebook.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Some news about the new book

hi everyone. Thanks for checking in again, and please forgive me for taking so long to respond to the messages that several of you left for me on Facebook. I didn't realize that Facebook had been filtering my messages, and when I checked it recently, I discovered that there were Cactus Eaters related messages in there that had been hanging around unread since 2014! I just wanted to let you know that Under The Stars will be available June 14 in hardback and e-book form,  but it will also be coming your way very soon as an audio-book. Last week I had the exciting and surreal experience of choosing the voice actor who is going to 'play' me in the audio version.  In other news, I'm also very glad to report that several writers (including some whose books I have been reading for a very long while) have already read and praised the upcoming book, among them, the fiction writer Elizabeth McKenzie and the environmental writer Bill McKibben.  Scroll down and you'll find their remarks. Looking forward to sharing this with all of you in mid-June. I am going out on the road with Under the Stars in summer and will let you know when I have some dates in place.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Web address, domain name for upcoming website

Hi everyone. The landing page is here, and the website will be called

Stay tuned. It is currently under construction.

A podcast of sorts about my new book, Under The Stars: How America Fell In Love With Camping

As a kind of warm-up for future readings, here is my very first podcast (of sorts) in which I talk briefly about my new book and describe a few of the insane situations that took place while I was researching it. (After you click on the above link, scroll down the page a bit and you'll see the little 'play' button.)