Monday, January 05, 2015

Seeking suggestions for the title of my next book

hi everyone -- here is the Facebook link to an ongoing 'live" discussion about the pending title of my next book, which involves my camping adventures through history. Many of your suggestions are absolutely hilarious and I appreciate all of them.  Anyhow, all of you are giving me hope that I will -- eventually -- come up with a really good title for this book. I am also relieved -- no, thrilled -- to report that I have returned safely for the very last camping adventure associated with this book.


Anonymous said...

Just finished your fine book "Cactus Eaters". Why, Dan, didn't you dedicate it to Allison?

cactuseaters said...

First of all, I'm glad that you engaged with her so strongly on the page -- otherwise you would not have been moved to take the time and write to me. Secondly, rest assured that i have resolved the issue with a 'new and improved' version that I wrote up and sent to the publisher several years ago and also posted on my website, addressing this and two other omissions (knowing that the wheels can turn slowly in publishing.).

I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but at one point I actually reached out to Allison with a mea culpa about the acknowledgments. It turned out that she hadn't even noticed ... until I made the apology!

Michele Ruppert said...

I had the same question about Allison after finishing your book today! I'm glad you got it all resolved :) Is your website this blog?

I really enjoyed the book - lots of funny sections and oh my goodness did he just write that? thoughts. I liked how you included the PS pages. Scott Williamson is freaking amazing. A documentary should be done about him especially since he's still alive! Just saying and maybe you can help with that?!

All truly expiring and hope to do this adventure soon and for my 50th birthday (eck soon).

cactuseaters said...

hi Michele -- thanks very much for this -- I really appreciate it -- and I am very glad to hear you are hiking the trail! and yes, Scott is an amazing hiker. Wishing you best of luck with all your preparations and on your trail journey!!

cactuseaters said...

and yes, a documentary about him would be great -- but alas, too swamped at the moment to help on such a thing myself. Also -- forgot to say that this blog for the time being is the only website i really have -- although i will definitely get a proper website off the ground in time for the new book