Thursday, September 15, 2011

Help: desperately seeking a cookie cutter shaped like a banana slug

Hi everyone. I'm about to order a bunch of custom-made cookies in the shape of banana slugs. Seriously. The trouble is, the bakery needs me to come up with a cookie cutter shaped like the creature in question. If you can help me out, send in to this blog immediately. I'll also post on Facebook and elsewhere. (Time is running out. I'm not making this up). If you live somewhere on the Central Coast, I can meet up with you and pay you a fair price for your cookie cutter.


Shelby said...

I've seen cookie cutters that people have made... If you're as good at crafts as you are at writing and hiking, it should come out great!

cactuseaters said...

Shelby -- this is a good link, and I might try it. Here's what I did, for starters -- I bought a ninety-nine cent cookie cutter shaped like a cat and tried to bend and hammer it into a slug shape. Tomorrow, one of the bakers at the Buttery is going to decide if it looks good or crappy. I'll post what she says right here.