Sunday, May 15, 2011

Banana slug stampede in Nisene Marks

If you've never been to Nisene Marks, get in your car and go there now.

It just rained, and the place is oozing with giant banana slugs -- skinny ones, fat ones, short ones, curly ones, straight ones, green ones, yellow ones, old ones, baby ones.

I was only there for an hour, and I saw 25 of these slime-covored creatures without trying.

Strange that I saw exactly that number, considering this is the 25th anniversary of Sammy the Slug, the mascot over at UC Santa Cruz.

Coincidence? Yes.


catklein said...

i must take Anna there!

cactuseaters said...

yes, it is fun for the whole family. I am not fond of the speeding mountain bicyclists out there (the same folks who brought you the invisible stop sign) but it is a beautiful place, and it has more to offer than the beautiful slugs. It also has newts, a few old growth and a whole lot of second-growth redwoods, some spooky old ruins from the lime-kiln era of the Central Coast, and a very challenging climb to the Overlook. I know some folks who have hiked all the way down to the Buzzard Lagoon but I've never attempted that.