Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Memorial service for iconic goose

I know I have been posting quite a bit about Lucy the iconic goose. Just wanted to mention that there is a memorial service at 6 p.m. today. It would feel kind of weird for me to go to such a funeral, and perhaps hypocritical [I'm eating a glazed roasted chicken for dinner this evening with all the trimmings] but I admired Lucy and will leave some kind of note if there's a visual memorial.


Rob said...

I never got to see Lucy the goose in the feather. I feel like I missed out. Of all the strange Santa Cruz "icons" I have bumped into over the years, a charismatic goose would have been fun to meet.

cactuseaters said...

She was up there with the best SC icons. Such a loud presence. I'd walk around the harbor and suddenly I'd hear this incredibly loud SQUONK and there she was with her huge orange beak against the fence. Mostly, it's put me in a weird situation -- how to explain the absence of Lucy to the youngest member of our family. (It's one of her favorite aspects of Santa Cruz)