Friday, February 04, 2011

Santa Cruz UFO incursion?

Around 10 p.m. WST I saw a slow-moving orb of light traveling over the Seabright area.

I thought it was a star at first but it kept shifting position in and out of the clouds and making a long, slow arc.

Bands of light came out of it on all sides (it looked like a badly drawn hydra) -- and I thought at first that the bands were retinal flashes -- but the shape of the bands remained the same even after I blinked my eyes several times.

It took a total of five minutes for whatever-it-was to make its way from one horizon line to the next.

Peculiar, to say the least. A satellite or an experimental aircraft, I would guess? It's probably not aliens, but I'll bake muffins just in case.


Proud Gemini said...

You do realize that your finishing sentence:
"It's probably not aliens, but I'll bake muffins just in case." will be my epitaph when I pass, right?

cactuseaters said...

Proud Gemini -- it's always good to be prepared for all circumstances, whether we're talking about meeting aliens or the great beyond. That's why we all should have extra sticks of butter and containers of baking soda on hand at all times.