Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Amy Ettinger: Why We Fled San Francisco (in today's New York Times). Updated blog post

On a (very) serious note, today marks Amy Ettinger's New York Times debut. This true and scary story, published in the NY Times' Motherlode section, explains why we left San Francisco in such a big hurry, without saying goodbye to anyone. The folks who own our building told us the apartment was completely habitable, recently painted and ready to go. They gave us no warning that anything might be amiss. The lesson, I think, is to do your own testing, and look out for your own best interests when you move into one of these old places. Alas, we can't assume "landlords" have our best interest in mind when they hand over that set of keys.

I'm very glad to report that the post resulted in a few folks contemplating a move away from their lead-infested abodes, and also prompted some folks to do their own testing.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is scary. Thanks for sharing the link.

cactuseaters said...

we are getting tons of responses.

I just can't understand why certain landlords can get away with lying about habitability issues and exposing their own renters to some serious environmental issues.

It's a good thing that certain folks are reading this article and doing their due diligence.