Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Giant slug reserves parking space at UC Santa Cruz

Apparently, invertebrates are getting dibs on parking spaces up there.

(thanks to B. for forwarding this.)

Photo credit: Peggy Delaney, UC Santa Cruz.


phyte club katie said...

Really, it only makes sense, considering this ochre invertebrate is the mascot! Reminds me of the time my parents came to visit me when I was living in the infamous and great trailer park on that very campus. They decided to forgo getting a hotel and just sleep in the back of their 1970 VW van, which, actually, looks much like a banana slug in terms of hue (and has been growing moss and lichen on its hood for over a decade now!). And the UCSC cops busted them and made them go down to Natural Bridges in the middle of the night! Down with campus authority, but long live the banana slug!

cactuseaters said...

Funny, I was just getting directions to visit that trailer park. I liked the ochre description. To me, banana slugs always look like slices of over-ripe mangos.