Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cactus Eaters review on Oh Ranger, plus Save Me From the Disgusting Ants

Here is the most recent review -- and thanks to the reader who sent this in today. (I'm counting on you guys, since I don't have much time to trawl through the Internet these days.)

In other news, disgusting ants have entered my residence and they keep trying to carry me off so they can feed me to their ant queen.

When I wake up in the morning, I am exactly one foot closer to the door than I was when I went to sleep. This means the ants are trying to carry me off incrementally, in the hope that I won't notice until it's too late.

Anyhow, if you have any non-toxic solutions, please let me know. It's getting really bad.


Debi said...

Hi Dan! Fellow blogspot blogger here!

I just finished your book and have to say that I enjoyed it very much. Being from the East Coast, I've always wanted to hike the AT, but never "got around to it". You actually made a long-distance hike seem obtainable, mostly because of your regular-guyness. I mean, you actually did it! Well, belated Congrats, and maybe you'll think about hiking the AT and giving us a good read about it. Come on, Bill Bryson did it! :)

cactuseaters said...

thanks, Debi! Yes, I would like to do the whole AT some time. But it's very challenging, I think. I did a bit of it while completing the Grafton Loop, an beautiful new hiking trail out near Bethel, Maine, and I also did about 20 miles of the
Vermont section in mud season. Not a good idea. I ended up losing one of my hiking boots in deep snow, and I had to hop out of the woods with just one hiking boot and an ice-encrusted sock on the other foot. Challenging situation.

Anonymous said...

Non-toxic to ants or to humans? If humans: 1) bowls of boric acid in water placed outside the house; 2) ants will not cross a line of chalk or Windex (but the latter may be toxic to a purist like you.)

cactuseaters said...

You underestimate me if you think I'd try something that was non-toxic to both ants and humans.

That would kind of defeat the purpose.

Will try the Borax.

adietrich15 said...

Hey Dan literally just put down your book, excellent read by the way. Here's a solution for your ant dilemma, go to ace ( I know you have em as I'm in Sacramento) and pick up a product called Terro it's in an orange box. It's a liquid ant bait, couple of drops near an ant trail and they'll congregate like frat boys around a keg. Takes a bit of time but they'll feed it to the Queen and knock out the colony. Did a stint in pest control so I know it works.

cactuseaters said...

thanks! now this sounds like the best advice so far. Ace is for some reason on the other side of town but I'll look for at at the lumber supply/lumber/hardware place nearby.