Thursday, December 24, 2009

My doppelganger prepares to conquer the John Muir Trail

Believe it or not, but another Dan White is about to hike the mighty trail.

Stay tuned. I'll tell you all about this striking coincidence after the holidays.


Carol said...

During the Holidays I came upon this drink that made me think of you.

Cactus Berry (serves two)

Ice cubes
3 oz. Merlot
3 oz. white tequila
1-1/12 oz. cointreau
1 oz. fresh lime juice
2 lime slices for garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker halfway full with ice cubes. Add the Merlot, white tequila,Cointreau, and lime juice. Shake exceedingly well (as if you were shaking cactus thorns from your hands). Strain the mix into two cocktail glasses. Garnish with the lime slices and serve.
The Cactus Berry (a cousin of the margarita) does have a bit of a bite, so you'll want to ensure your safety by doing any sort of hat dancing, attempts at tangoing, or cactus scaling earlier in the evening.

from Style Magazine-Dec. 2009

There can only be one real Dan White to hike the trail, and I must say I have become a fan of yours and the trail after reading your book. My Holiday gift to you is this recipe. You have my permission to put it in your cactus recipe book :) I'm still anxiously awaiting those pictures that were requested by me (anonymous).

cactuseaters said...

Carol -- Wow! I can't wait to try this drink. Funny -- this reminds me of the book launch party, when a friend of mine prepared me a special "Cactus Eater'' salsa, made from the same kind of cactus that I chewed in the book. She served it room temperature -- and it tasted exactly as I described it. I think that your drink suggestion will taste a lot better!DW