Monday, January 12, 2009

I found a spear in Golden Gate Park!

Yes, you read that correctly; I found a spear -- or, to be more specific, a rocky spear point -- in the park not too long ago, while running through the park on a rare, sunny day. GGP -- long before it was turned into a pleasure garden -- was just one more section of scrubby plants and sand dunes marching out toward the Pacific Ocean. Human habitation has a long history in what is now San Francisco -- reaching back to at least 3,000 years B.C. But this doesn't (necessarily) mean that the relic that I found -- and duly turned over to the de Young Museum, which transferred the item to the California Academy of Sciences, after I provided specific coordinates of where I found this 'surface relic -- is the real deal. Sometimes it takes careful examination to determine whether something like this is authentic or merely a discarded tsoschke from a gift shop somewhere. Stay tuned to this blog --- and I'll give you more answers within the week.


JD Grant said...

Did you happen to take any pictures? Quite a cool happening.

cactuseaters said...

Nope -- I didn't take pictures at the time because I was just running along without the camera and wanted to turn it over to someone before the 'surface relic' could get stolen. However, it is (apparently) going to be on display soon somewhere in the GGP, so I'll take a bunch of shots then.

cactuseaters said...

(and I forgot to add that there is still quite a lot of mystery and questions about this relic. I'll explain in my upcoming blog entry.)