Thursday, February 21, 2008

Montara Mountain

For those of you who are out here in SF, and are looking for a quick escape, and are sick of the crowds in Muir Woods, try this hike. It's just off Highway One beyond the Devil's Slide (near Montara.) It's eight miles round trip -- and the first four miles are straight uphill--- but the views of the East Bay and San Francisco are tremendous. Warning: clear your schedule after you do this. I couldn't walk for a couple of days afterwards.


crankyeditor said...

Highway One? Did you take Highway Two-Eighty or One-oh-One to get there? Dan, have you foresaken AP Style? And yes, you're right, Montara Mountain is a hidden gem.

cactuseaters said...

Hey there, cranky! Sorry to get loosy-goosey on the AP style. It will return in full force.