Saturday, January 05, 2008

Corrected blog entry: The near-squishing of my car ( and my near-pickpocketing by a weird girl)

I've been trying to enjoy the storm. For example, I've been running all over my apartment, pretending it's a pirate ship sailing through gail force winds. "All hands on deck! Man the bilge, ya swabs. Fire in the hole.'' But there is no denying it. This storm is merciless and nasty. Today, an oak fell over and gave the car parked right next to my car a leafy smackdown, pinning it to the asphalt, slamming the hood, cracking the glass, totalling it. Scary. I had been parked three feet to the right, that would have been my squashed car. This storm is for real. Today, I visited Hayes Valley, and I almost parked my car near the general proximity of "Oak'' and "Fell'' streets. Not wanting to tempt fate, I moved.

In other news, a strange woman pickpocketed me right in the middle of a Castro eyeglasses store, but she gave me back the stuff she'd stolen, including my credit card, because the theft was just a "practical joke'' to point out the fact that there was a lartge hole in the wallet pocket of my blue jeans. "I couldn't resist,'' she said. "I just wanted to see if I could get away with it.'' Such hilarity!


Anonymous said...

Oak and Fell don't intersect...just in case you were hoping for accuracy in this blurb.

cactuseaters said...

Many thanks. I appreciate the fact that people are reading this closely. (To be honest, I've had two glitches in the past year. As you mentioned, I implied a non-existent intersection, but, more seriously, I mispelled Guggulah Muggulah (ommitting the first 'G.') I will be more vigilant next time. Actually, these comments make me more hopeful about accuracy and the blogging world.I was under the impression that people just typed up whatever came into their heads, a-shmeer-nishteer.

Anonymous said...