Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Such a frigid end!!

Avoid these sentence constructions when writing political manifestos:

"The cessation of both opposing directions leads to the absence of the very substance that brought this country to life.''

"It is frightening to think of the world coming to such a frigid end!''

"The anonymous article, written by William Bennett ...''

"Such thinly conceived faiths shed much war onto any attempt at cival uniformity.''

"A force overtly apparent ...''

"Terrorists taking over the nation? Or our nation being reduced to the perplexity of complex capitalist conformity? Neither option is particularly amusing.''

"What it boils down to is: this is a war between values (America) and a nation of terrorists (Iraq.) That is not a value judgment.''


Kara said...

Oh God. I'm gonna die.

"If a guy retreats into the internet all the time, he could end up as a hermit, or worse, a crab."

cactuseaters said...

That was a very good one. I have an honorable mention. Someone wrote that diseases, in the poorest countries, are "very popular.''