Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The rats have found me.

I can't believe this, but the rats apparently followed me from NYC to Silicon Valley. I joined the Rat Witness Protection Program but I guess someone "ratted'' me out. The other day I was jaywalking (fun to do in Cupertino, and you need to jaywalk some of the time because the sidewalks end so abruptly) when a giant rat --- the size of a shoebox --- came charging out across the street, with a look of cruel intent in his eyes. In his jaws, he carried a coupon for a $100 I-phone rebate. I got out of his way. He was in a hurry.


Kara said...

Ha! This is amazing. If only now the bagels, inevitably wielding similar rebates, would follow... (We have to get you out of Cupertino!)

cactuseaters said...

The bagels are so weak and mealy out here, they wouldn't be capable of carrying a rebate coupon. The strain would be too much for them.