Thursday, August 23, 2007

The bagels here are disgusting

Enjoying California but the bagels here are, basically, circles of air with ropes of mealy dough around them. I'm sorry, Noah, but this is not a bagel. This is a dinner role with a bellybutton in the middle of it. California needs artisanal bagels. Maybe I'll have to open up my own store.


Brian said...

Yes, California bagels stink. (Pizza is a problem here, too.) Though I've got a good rec for you-- the only good bagel place I've found here: Izzy's. On California Ave in Palo Alto, and I think there might be one somewhere in SF too.

cactuseaters said...

Oh, man. I keep hearing about Izzy's. I hear it's deep dish. Is it as good as the Chicago stuff? Even if it's half as good, I'm there. The one California pizza place that never lets me down is Engfer's Pizza Works in Santa Cruz -- and their beer selection is good, too.