Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Here's the Today Show Link

Click here to watch my interview about the male biological clock.


concerned heart said...

There is really a long history of peer reviewed scientific research on conditions that increase in incidence because of the male biological clock. Beginning with Lionel Penrose in 1955 it has been observed that the age of the father can affect the health of the child. If you are interested in this read the sources of my paper.

There are many, many more genetic conditions found to increase with paternal age that are not covered by my paper.

cactuseaters said...

Thanks to concerned heart. I checked out your website, which looked very thorough (and convincing.) I hope the broadcast was food for thought for a lot of people -- it sure was for me.

concerned heart said...

Wow, I'm glad you are so open-minded on this vital issue. So many men and women are not.

We have the technology in place for men who need to delay fatherhood to freeze semen. The yearly price might come down if this becomes a big business.

The news on Thursday from Cold Spring Harbor Labs is very relevant. Those Copy Number Variations might also be found in the sperm making cells of the father's.

cactuseaters said...

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