Saturday, December 30, 2006

A quotidian amount of pastry pain

NYC has a very good bakery called Pain Quotidien --- but the people who wait on you are uniformly stupid and evil. You might even say that it's the Kim's Video of pastry. The other day, I went into the east-side branch to get my wife a French Cream Bun. I asked the guy behind the counter what was inside the bun. "FRENCH CREAM,'' he snarled, pointing at the sign. This cream bun was beautiful to look upon --- two wedges of pastry with a finely sculpted layer of goo inside it --- but when I told the shmuck that my order was to go, he took out a little plastic cup and squashed the pastry inside of it, literally pounding the cup with his fists until the pastry flattened out and spewed its custard-cream guts all over the packaging. It was still edible but looked very bad by the time we brought it home. If you go, bring your own packaging.


Anonymous said...

can you recommend a good place in NYC for choux pastry????

cactuseaters said...

how striking that you ask such a thing, Anonymous! My wife figured out how to make choux pastry yesterday (very difficult to make. She used rolled up squares of parchment paper as a pastry bag) By the way, I went back to Pain Quotidian yesterday-- and they were so stupid and rude that I left without buying anything. Enough is enough.

D.P. said...

Funny you should say that -- I've been having some rudeness problems with that bakery but they make great bread, period (baguettes sell out early)