Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A more positive outlook about experimental fiction

This is a revised version of my previous post about experimental fiction. The previous post was -- in all seriousness --- kind of a joke, the result of some exasperation. I sent out my strange little story to a couple of magazines and got some perplexed responses. However, I will continue my publishing quest while trying to flesh out this story. I wrote this piece for a class in my writing program. The other day, I ran into the writer who teaches the course. I told him I was having a bit of trouble finding a home for this thing and he said, "Well, it should be a book.'' That was pretty cool to hear him say that. However, I'm wondering if people will buy an entire book about Golem-like slave children made of terracotta and wood, with raisins for eyes. The cool thing is, after I published that last post, a couple of classmates have emailed me with some thoughts on this matter --- many thanks.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking this morning about a short called, "[Something] Children with Widemouth Bases]" that you wrote a while back. Could you contact me? I was wondering if you'd send me another copy. Also, I have some ideas for you of places to publish experimental fiction. Email me @

An experimental MFA said...

Placing experimental fiction can be tricky but it's not impossible (ask the author of House of Leaves -- he was on campus just the other day)